Soul Note Discovery

When someone tells you ‘you are unique’ it’s true. Each and every individual has their own unique Soul Note. The ‘note’ that is you is not held by any other creation anywhere in the Universe. This is why the ultimate harmony will be when all of the Notes of the Universe sing together.

Gifted healers ‘tap in to the wisdom’ of your Soul Note when they are doing a healing. This is why some healers can achieve so much more than other healers. The most gifted intuitively know how to access your ‘note’ and put it back into rhythm with the rhythms of the Universe.

As a service to you we’d like to discern your soul note for you. When you have your note you can ‘tap into who you are’ at a very deep level. Learning to resonate with your own note makes meditation much more profound and, indeed, your whole world had more meaning. If this would be of interest to you click below.