Pure Leadership is… 

Sharing with you the information, tools and techniques that enable you to touch into the purity of who you are and, within your complete integrity, express the greatest of who you are as a miraculous person.

Now what’s important to understand is, you can express your greatness without giving up your life.

Please reflect upon this statement for a moment. Many people achieve great things but it came at the cost of them giving up any life they might have had.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

Look at the dedicated US presidents who enter office with such high aspirations only to be tired and old and unhealthy at the end of four years. The goal of Pure Leadership is to assist you to become as great as you choose to be without giving up your life, in fact, the goal of Pure Leadership is to assist you to embrace and consume more and more and more life.

We’re sure you may have experienced, or can point to people in your world, who are very talented but who live small lives expressing a very small percent of who they really are. Why might you or others choose to live small lives? To avoid the pain of the big life!

What if you could achieve the big life, the full expression of yourself and your uniqueness in the Universe, and enjoy every moment of your life? Did you know how unique and special you are? Did you know that your Soul’s Note  is unlike any other in the Universe? The goal of Pure Leadership is to assist you to uncover the uniqueness of you, to know what you know without knowing why or how you know it. Why live a small life and die at 75 when your body is designed for 500 years and you can come to remember and live the wisdom of your eternal nature?

Pure Leadership is dedicated to sharing the critical information about:
1. BEING JOYFUL so you’re Living Every Moment of Your Life in Joy ;
2. BEING FREE so you’re harnessing Freedom of Choice to Be Free and experience only what you desire;
3. BEING COSMIC so you’re Thinking so Big you’re expressing and consuming the infinite possibilities of the Universe;

all so you can become … HOMOLUMINOUS

So the goal of Pure Leadership is to Lift the Veils to Reality, all with a view to allowing you to Rediscover Who You Really Are and live every moment in Joy. We do this by showing you where the world and humanity are going: Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why That’s Changing. Change is Natural if you just know how to do it.

Living Free and Thinking Big leads to the unraveling of the Mysteries of the Universe. Much of this would have existed in the Library of Alexandria, which wisdom we at Pure Leadership are dedicated to recovering.

Who built the pyramids? How did they move blocks and place them with precision beyond what our highly technical society can do today? Was Machu Picchu really built by the Incas? What did Pythagoras know? Are there pyramids in China and if so what was their purpose? What was the real purpose of the Mayan Calendar? What is at the center of the Earth? What is the Sri Yantra? How long has person‐kind been on Earth in our current form? Is the theory of evolution true? Were there ancient sophisticated civilizations on Earth such as the often quoted and summarily dismissed: Atlantis? Mu? Lemuria? If so, what happened to them? Pure Leadership is Thinking Big and pursuing the answers to these questions, and more, in The Cosmic You series.

Certainly those capable of designing and building the pyramids and the other thousands of sacred sites on the planet would have to have been able to move large blocks of stone measured in hundreds of tons with the power of the creative force of sound, they would have to have been able to precisely measure the Earth without any measuring device other than their mind, they would have to have been Adepts.They would have to have been Homoluminous.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

Performing these miracles can only be done by those who Joyfully Live Free and Think Big. So Be Joyful, Be Free, Be Cosmic and you’ll be Homoluminous.

The Purest Leaders that have arisen within humanity throughout history were the Saints and Adepts and Ascended Masters. To embrace the Pure Leader within yourself you need not set a goal to become an Ascended Master, manifest food in your hands, feed the hungry, heal the sick, walk on water, tele‐ transport yourself anywhere on the planet or beyond, but you can if you choose.

Pure Leadership is an example of living leadership because we’re living and growing on this path to Homoluminous just as you are and, we’ll share everything we’ve learned en route to this objective … so … allow us to share some important information about the first principle of Pure Leadership – Living Your Life in Joy