Be Homo‐luminous

Being Joyful, Being Free and Being Cosmic is the path to Homoluminous. Humanity has been trying to get there for a long long time so your path can be fraught with unknowns and challenges or it canbbe easy. Pure Leadership is about easy.

Did you know you are becoming Homo‐luminous?

Humanity is transitioning from Homo Sapien, which means ‘beings of survival’, back to Homo‐luminous, which means ‘beings of light’. Are these just words? What does it mean and what does it mean for you, your children, your loved ones?

This has great meaning. It means great and wonderful changes for all of us. It means the end of all wars. Can you imagine that, peace on Earth. Yes, that will happen.

It means how people are prepared to be governed will change. The highest embodiment of government was embodied in the United States Constitution. “We the people for the people”. Homo‐luminous will see us return to this honoring of people. This will mean a dissolution of what government has become, a ‘power over dynamic’ reminiscent of the Divine Right of Kings.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

It means the world’s financial system will change. Homo‐luminous means a personal empowerment to where each person can create from the infinity of creation. The empowered don’t require ‘jobs’.

It means that inappropriate medical practices will end, ushering in a holistic honoring of the entire individual, Mind, Body and Spirit.

It means the end of abusive drug cultures, it means the end of the deterioration of the family unit, it means the end of abuse of individuals, it means the end of controlling infra‐structures, whether corporate, government or religious in nature, it means education of who we really are as eternal consciousness. That means all educational systems will change  because how everyone thinks changes.

This is happening because you’re part of a collective consciousness, some 7 billion strong, collective consciousness is transitioning from a low vibration state to a higher vibration state, a massive shift in awareness. It is transitioning from the energy of competition to an energy of cooperation. This website will give you an idea of what that means, for instance see Be Cosmic. This is exciting almost beyond measure.

I am NOT arm waving about this and I am not some futurist talking about what might happen. This process is well underway and has been underway since 1997 – 98 when 2200 people fulfilled their collective contract.

In 1997 and 1998, some 2200 people fulfilled their Contracts at the same time. These people had had a collective Contract before but had never all fulfilled it at the same time. During this identified time period though, they did. They spread out across the planet and listening to their guidance they used their physical bodies as antennae and re‐anchored the Divine Grid to planetEarth. Prior to their actions the energy grid of this planet was, over thousands of years, becoming filled with the fear based emotions [eg stress, worry, anger etc], and because fear is of low vibration, humanity was of low vibration. By re‐anchoring the Divine grid to the planet it could be cleared of fear, and humanity could commence its path back to Homo‐luminous.

This action, which I am very grateful to these people for, became known as the Harmonic Convergence and started the re‐awakening of humanity. I say, let’s celebrate these people for what they initiated.

The result of this these past 16 years has been magnificent including the removal of the energy of “competition” from the Collective Consciousness of humanity, replacing it with an energy of “co‐operation”. Also, the energy of “defensiveness” was removed from humanity’s Collective Consciousness. Oppressive governments have been falling. People have gone into the streets to challenge existing ‘power over’ structures and, for the most part these structures are coming down peacefully. People are ‘waking up’.

In fact, the changes these past 16 years have been immense, and they’ll continue. This is because humanity’s role as universal teachers has ended.

It’s fundamental to this shift to understand that the Earth too is on a new path as it reactivates its core crystals. That’s right, the being that inhabits this amazing planet has also awoken and has now stepped back onto its Spiritual Path.

Do you really know how special you are?

You are one of the strongest Spirits in the Universe. Did you know your Soul Note is unique in the entire Universe?

Everyone on this planet was most probably, minimally, a master teacher in the Universe at one point. We all volunteered to come to Earth and to forget who we were so that all consciousness within the Universe could learn from our mistakes. The wonderful news is now that your teaching job is finished, you can choose to remember who you really are. Yippee. Your Spirit creates your life together with your Mind through your Body. The Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit, sometimes referred to as Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, or, as I like to think of it: the Infinite, the Creator [anti‐matter], and the Created [matter].

It may help you to remember that you truly are eternal consciousness. You are, in fact, older than our Sun. This means you have billions of years of wisdom to remember.

The perfect overview of just how amazing you are is, of course, the amazing book The Amazing You.

Of course, none of this will feel exciting if you’re struggling in life in any way, shape or form today, but please know that Pure Leadership is about changing all that. It’s about making this journey back to Homo‐luminous fun and easy.

It’s exciting my life is changing, will it take a long time?

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

It’s exciting to know that you’re a special person, in fact, a very special person. Every person on the Earth is special. You may want to know if the positive changes that this new Homo‐luminouspath will create in your life will take a long time, or a short time, to achieve.

Some of that’s about the choices you make. Making good choices is the purpose of Pure Leadership, to share and assist those of you who want a “faster track”. It can be fast if you have the information and tools because …

Although, humanity has come to think linearly, and therefore assume that change takes a long time, it need NOT take a long time. Society will change amazingly quickly because the Universe is not just linear, it’s fractal. This means that changes can occur in “jumps”. The changes will be so fast that some people will become uncomfortable with the pace of change and will choose toshed their physical and leave. You’ve no doubt seen some of this these past 16 years as we’ve all had some friend who suddenly got sick and departed. No one dies without a long review with their Higher Self, so when people leave they feel it’s for their highest and best good, knowing they can reincarnate elsewhere.

If you wish to really getting rolling in your life Pure Leadership has some information and tools to assist. But assist with what? Really, what is Homo‐luminous and why would you wish to achieve it.

What is Homo‐luminous?

Homo‐luminous are ‘beings of light’. The definition of “beings of light” lacks meaning for many who still see themselves as “physical”. But…remember way back in grade school when we all learned that we’re all made of molecules. Well, all molecules are made of energy and, the greatest part of any molecule is open space. In point of fact, the distance between the nucleus of an atom and its electrons is of the same magnitude as the distance from the Earth to the Moon!

Therefore although things may appear solid they really are energies vibrating at different rates. What do I mean “energies”?

The “energies” that you’re made of are the energies of “sound” and “light”. In simplistic terms you have a “thought”, which is sound, and you magnetize on to you an “experience”, which is the soundgathering the light for you to experience your thought. So, if you have a positive thought of winning the lottery why didn’t you have the lottery winning experience? I best give you some context.You can have up to 60,000 thoughts in a day and most people have lost the awareness to even know what they’re thinking! The result? Confused and contradictory thoughts and thought fragments that result in most people having had many experiences they wish they hadn’t. People’s outcomes have been confused because the ‘input’ they’re putting in to their life is ‘confusing’.

Let’s re‐orient ourselves.

In the book Lift the Veils to Reality I delve in to many of the “different minds” of the miracle that is you. I point out that your Mental body is not in your brain but floats on the surface of your skin, at least it did until it recently moved further out into your energy field. In Part III, ‘The Real You’, in the book Rediscovering Who You Really Are I point out you have a Divine Spark within a black hole that is the center of you and, an Etheric body that you created as a blue print of what your body would look like in this lifetime – yes, you created the design of your miraculous physical yourself. Your Emotional body can extend some 30 feet beyond your physical. Your Ego filter can stretch out to 62 feet beyond your physical.

You do have a Merkaba, and you have an eternal multi‐dimensional Spirit that can stretch out miles beyond your physical. Only a small portion of your Spirit is in your physical, [called your Soul], because your Spirit is amazingly powerful. Becoming Homo‐luminous requires that you raise the vibration of your Mind and Physical to accommodate more of your powerful Spirit.

The point we’re making is that you’re an extremely sophisticated co‐creation and you have a Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is an aspect of your Spirit in consciousness beyond your Rational Mind. It and your Soul actually set out a very exciting life for you on Earth this time around, which you embodied in your Contract for this lifetime. That’s correct, you enter into a Contract as to what you wish to learn in this lifetime. But, that exciting life you planned got “hi‐jacked” at the time of birth.

That’s a long story covered in Lift the Veils to Reality but here’s what you need to know. In the past your Higher Self had difficulty getting past your negatively charged sub‐conscious mind to participate in your life. That’s now shifting because of a shift of consciousness that began November 9th, 2012. Due to this shift your Higher Self is now moving in to you and this frees you to do the exciting things you really wanted to do on Earth in this lifetime. Yes the time is coming where you’ll be able to express the greatest aspects of the Creative Force that creates all things, those things that you’re passionate about. You are a co‐creator with this eternal infinite Creative Force.

Without wishing to go too far down the Rabbit Hole, suffice to say that on your Homo‐luminous path you can achieve 156 levels of consciousness in a Universe that is currently made up of 107 dimensions. I say currently because the Universe is always growing, contrary to the Big Bang Theory of creation.

You may have read about Master Teachers, Adepts and Ascended Masters. One of your four gifts from the eternal Creative Force upon your original creation is the ability to control the molecules of the Universe. Today most people do that unconsciously and create all sorts of negative experiences in their lives. The key is to learn how to co‐create positive events in your life, such as joy.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

Adepts have learned what we’re revealing here and are very conscious about their thoughts and co‐creations because they know that you create with thought. They’re able to do some or all of moving objects with their minds, communicate telepathically, de‐age, levitate, change their physical form, including move out of the physical form and re‐create their physical somewhere else [tele‐transportation], grow new limbs in the case of an accident and pretty much anything else you can think of. Changing your beliefs to do these things takes some dedication but I’m certain you can see that this list goes well beyond the life you and others around you are living.

For perspective see Be Cosmic.

Here’s the good news, en route to becoming an Adept, if you so choose such an Intention, you can achieve the ability to live every moment of your life in joy, or bliss, or tranquility and with today’s current monetary focus, you can choose to live in an abundance of wealth any way you choose to describe it.

The major difference between an Adept and an Ascended Master, as we understand it, is that Ascended Masters have access to more information, including more inter‐dimensional information about themselves.

Your physical body is designed for 500 years but, an Ascended Master can literally keep their body forever and travel with it anywhere in the Universe they choose. If you study the prophets such as Buddha, Yeshua [Jesus], Krishna, and Moses [and many others] you’ll realize they became Ascended Masters. Remember that with their ability to control the molecules of the Universe they were able to do things like part the Red Sea, to manifest food in their hands to feed the hungry, heal people….

They all said the same thing: “You are all I am and More”. Pure Leadership is all about this statement, recovering and sharing the information and steps and tools necessary to make this statement true for everyone who so chooses.

It’s a truism that you can go further in this lifetime, and remember you are an eternal being older than the Sun, than in any other lifetime ever. As you’ve reincarnated and had more than 3500 lifetimes on this planet alone, and as you’ve accumulated great learning from these lifetimes, how do you remember who you really are so that you can bring all your wisdom forward into a miraculous, fun, easy and abundance filled life?

Many people think miracles only happen to other people. When you realize that you were shown miracles so you would know they are possible for you in your life, then you can choose to learn to generate miracles in your life, and why not make them happen in every moment. It was Einstein who said: “You can live life like nothing is a miracle or you can live life like everything is a miracle”.We suggest it’s time to get on experiencing the miracles in everything.