The first objective of Pure Leadership is to empower you to change your life. To change your life it’s necessary to assist you to change your perspective, to help you understand that you’re eternal consciousness, you’re more than your physical, you have many sophisticated and real, though unseen, aspects of your consciousness that extend beyond your physical. You can actually change your physical by changing your thoughts.

You cannot create alone, you co‐create with a Creative Field, the Infinite Creative Field, the Zero Point field or Torsion field or God, as you wish. It’s fundamental to changing your world to realize that you have created your whole life, your own reality. Your life exactly mirrors what you have believed up to this point in time, even though those beliefs are out of your conscious awareness. This is all an introduction to teaching you how you control the molecules in the Universe.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

To live freely you must be aware of five major areas:
1. What the Universe really is
2. Your Four Gifts
3. Universal Laws
4. Collective Consciousness and its impact upon you
5. The big misconceptions

This awareness is important because it’s your responsibility to make choices and changes to your own reality [your own Universe] while not infringing on the sovereignty of the universes of others. Similarly, you have a right to ‘police’ your own boundaries. This section of the website gives perspective to these boundary issues.

What the Universe is

To be free you must come to grips with what God really is. God is the consciousness that createsall things. God is the one and only power in the universe. You are within God and God is within you. Nothing happens in the Universe without God.

Think of yourself as a brain cell within God’s brain as that gives you a concept to orient yourself with. Until you can approach life from the perspective that we are all within God it will be difficult to orient yourself and know what boundaries are appropriate for you. None of this means that you are ‘small though’. Quite the contrary as the book The Amazing You reveals you are really quite extraordinary.

God creates from chaos so our scientific studies will never be able to fully analyze and control God. Can’t be done. Instead the goal is to learn how to co‐operate with God to achieve your outcomes.

Within God there are the four original Archangels God created: Medatron, Shakana, Imieriel and Ihuhiel. There are some 126 Archangels. The Archangel responsible for assisting humanity to remember who we are is Archangel Haniel and you can access the wisdom she’s been sharing with humanity for a number of years through the world class medium Audrey Cole at Angels made the decision to remain in their original state and not incarnate in the physical. There are many angels, some of which have unique specialties such as Seraphins and Cherupins. Each human being has their own guardian angels that look after them from birth to death and whom they personally picked before this lifetime to guide them. You also have guides. So you’re never alone on your journey. The first voice you hear is that of those you chose to guide you in this lifetime.

You and I agreed to explore the Universe. Everyone of us in the Universe is unique and has our own Soul Note.

Humanity was originally formed from beings of five planets a long long time ago. You’ll want to let go of any notion that humanity is some sort of superior being. We’re the most advanced beings on this planet, but, of course, there are many more sophisticated communities of beings in the Univers.

The notion that something has to take our physical form to be ‘intelligent life’ is, of course, a thought that lacks information. Most people on the planet have reincarnated here many many times, in fact, the core of humanity has reincarnated more than 3,000 times. For the scientifically minded who like ‘proof’ see __[Stevenson???]_________________________

The Hathors, for example, inhabit Venus today. See for a man who communicates with the Hathors and brings information and guidance from them. There was at one time life on Jupiter.

Today Humanity is a very complex mix, as Souls from many constellations and locations have joined humanity these past millions of years. Yes, humanity has been around a long time so the notion that civilized life begins on Earth circa 3000 or 4000 BC lacks information. You can’t understand humanity from studying bones because when humanity was of higher vibration we simply reduced our body to ashes when we died leaving nary a trace. The bones we study today are of very recent stages of humanity when humanity was of a much lower vibration, such a low level of vibration that those leaving their physical were incapable of dissolving their bodies when they died.

Humans who remember more of who they are became Adepts and those that remembered even more became Ascended Masters. Some of the best known Ascended Masters were Buddha, Jesus [Yeshua], Moses, Krishna and there were many others. Mohammed was also a _______.

Remember you are eternal consciousness. You are very powerful, however, your power is proportional to your relationship with God. This is a personal relationship and not a ‘group’ relationship. It requires no intermediaries of faith or government. So what characterizes you? You have been characterized since your creation billions of years ago by four gifts.

Your Four Gifts

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

Upon your original creation by the Infinite Creator, billions of years ago, you were given four inalienable gifts:

1. Your dominion over all the molecules of the universe. Everything in the universe is vibration and molecules. You have the right to control those molecules. When you’re creating your life you are actually controlling the molecules of the universe to do that. So when you age, you did that based upon choices you made. When something happens, you have an experience, the experience is made up of molecules.

2. Free will. You have the right to ‘choose’ what aspects of God you experience. Many people struggle with the fact that you can have negative experiences in God because they’ve been taught that God is only love but if God is infinite, and God is infinite, well then you can experience anything and everything you choose. Unwittingly, most people choose a lot of negative experiences because they’re not aware of the process of choice and how they’ve inadvertently triggered it.

3. The ability to name your world Two people can have identical experiences and label them differently. Someone might name the experience ‘good’ and another might name the same experience ‘bad’. For example, perhaps two people have an accident in their autos and the identical damage is caused to each. The one driver might say well that experience is ‘good’ because no one was hurt. The other might label the experience as ‘bad’ because their car is damaged. Both are correct. They’re both entitled to name their world as they choose and it retains that name. So we’re all having experiences all the time and we’re all naming them for ourselves, but obviously, if you name everything ‘bad’ your life is going to look differently to yourself than if you’d named everything ‘good’.

4. The right to receive all good that God has created without question, without having to earn it. This is a fundamentally important gift. God continually creates and the universe continually expands so the amount of ‘good’ in the Universe is continually expanding. You are entitled to receive it all and you don’t have to earn it. This means you can change your life quickly for the better. This is why spontaneous healings can occur. Many religions have built in ‘conditions’ that you must meet to receive ‘god’s good’ but this is misinformation. As you know, if you put conditions on what you’re going to create you will not receive it until the conditions are met.

Audrey Cole has written a book on these four gifts, which we at Pure Leadership highly recommend. It can be found at Knowing you have four gifts is important and Pure Leadership is assisting with knowledge on how to use them.

Universal Laws and Science

We at Pure Leadership are very excited about what our world’s great scientists are discovering. The scientists amongst us, generally speaking, have a high level of sensitivity and access detailed information well. It’s from this that they’ve made many great discoveries of understanding what they call the Zero Point Field or the Torsion Field, but it’s important to remember that they’re really investigating the active fields [electromagnetic and gravitational] of God in this dimension.

This is a good thing and to be applauded because we’re here to explore God, always within the context of everything lives in God and God lives in everything. If we don’t explore God, how will we know God?

I reiterate, none of this context reflects negatively upon the great work of scientists. We at Pure Leadership applaud what we see coming in the very near future. Scientists will be discovering the power of using imploding electrons rather than exploding electrons for electricity, which will be much healthier. They’ll be discovering the use of water as a pollution free fuel. They’ll be revealing positive cures for certain diseases as they adopt a healing mind set, leaving behind the ‘disease mindset’. Some of these discoveries are re‐discovering what highly spiritual scientists such as Nikola Tesla were doing nearly 100 years ago, nevertheless, the discoveries will be significant.

The challenge on your journey is whether or not you feel you must learn the scientific details of how we work to be able to be free. I assure you, you do NOT have to know any science to ascend or to have a magnificent life. At Pure Leadership this is an interest of ours, but it is just the aspects of God we choose to explore on our journey.

I’d suggest though that you can gather great wisdom on being free by knowing something about the Universal laws because these laws are inviolate. These are the principles upon which God’s consciousness operates. You see, as you become Joyful many obstacles to having your every desire disappear. You learn to work with God through his universal laws.

What I provide in the following Stream/DVD is not comprehensive but a beginning of awareness for you. The Universal Law of Attraction has been well exposed by many great writers and producers, however, it is only one of 20 major Universal laws that apply to your life in this dimension.

There are Universal laws associated with each of the Mind [creator], the Body [the created] and the Spirit [the infinite]. You’re activating multiple of these laws in your life at all times. Having an awareness of this will assist you in understanding what you’re creating. By understanding what and how you’re creating your life you’ll be able to make new choices that enable you to be free.

For those interested in this topic I provide the Stream/DVD.

Collective Consciousness and Boundaries

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

The second objective for Pure Leadership is to shift your perspective regarding how you, as a very large consciousness, live within a sea of consciousness. In many mystical teachings they refer to the individual as being akin to a droplet in an ocean. This is a great metaphor to help you understand that you are one with a massive number of other droplets that, together, constitute a large body of consciousness, however, and this is a big however, what if the ocean is flowing a way you don’t like?

I’m saying that you have the right to choose and to have dominion over your Universe [see Your 4 Gifts ], but how can that be true if you’re a droplet in an ocean being carried by the current? Who decides where the current flows? This doesn’t sound much like choice does it? Sounds more like fate.

But it is not fate, it’s a matter of boundaries.

Pause to reflect upon this because it’s very profound.

If you are consciousness within a greater consciousness, how do you know when you’re processing your ideas and when you’re being influenced by the ideas of others? How do you affect the outcomes you want in your life rather than simply become subjected to those of society?

If you’re going to live free you’re going to have to rise above the ocean you’re within.

Let’s look at the ocean we’ve lived in for many thousands of years on this planet. An ocean of death, an ocean of wars, an ocean of poverty, an ocean of famines, an ocean of “you’re right and I’m wrong”.

People sometimes say, “how can I live in Joy when I look out the window, or look on the television, and see the poverty of the world, the abuse of the children, the death and destruction of wars, the capricious mistreatment of others, whether that be women or people who believe in same sex marriages or people who have the ‘wrong’ color skin”, or whatever?

Hopefully you’re beginning to see that all people are created in God’s universe with the same opportunities. Remember there is a Universal law of the Absolute. It doesn’t say that the Universal laws only apply to white Anglo Saxon protestants.

If everyone is creating their own life and their own reality and, if you accept that we all came here to learn something we chose prior to this lifetime, then a person may choose to be born in to poverty to learn more ‘compassion’, for example. However, if you’re not aware of this you could end up being swept away by the power of the Collective Consciousness and imposing your values on their lives. That is not honoring their boundaries.

I explore these seminal boundary issues in a DVD devoted to that Honoring Boundaries

The Big Misconceptions

As humans have attempted to understand Mind, Body and Spirit for a long long time, many misconceptions have been created and passed on through different ancestors, generations and cultures. Some of the most important to address would be:

a. Women are not equal to men: This is a misconception. Whether you are a man or a woman in this life is simply a choice you made to have a different experience. For those with molecular sight you’d see that both men and women have the same blue white energetic body.

b. Karma dictates one’s life: Karma is really the natural outcome of the Universal law of Cause and Effect. When we re‐incarnate we bring forward our unfinished projects. These are simply things we wanted to learn and complete in past lives that we didn’t get done. These things brought forward do NOT dictate our life they simply are things to work through and make new decisions about this life time. No one is constrained by karma.

c. Fate: Myth. There is nothing that happens in your life that is based on ‘fate’, everything is a ‘reflection’ of choices you’ve made and how those choices are created through the Universal law of Cause and Effect.

d. Some people are born with more resources or advantages or in some way superior to others: This is probably one of the greatest misconceptions. We’re all the same, and we all have access to all the resources. It is true that some people have gotten further in prior lives so they resonate at a higher level, but that has to do with choices made. Remember you can go further in this lifetime than any prior lifetime. It is a matter of dedication. e. Children are to be molded: Parents have a contract with a child until age 18. Their job is to teach that child love and boundaries during those 18 years and release them to live their own path.

f. The Universe is finite: the Universe is God and God is continually creating so there is always more God. The Universe is therefore infinite by definition. This is important to understand because if the Universe was finite it would support other misconceptions such as there’s not being enough to go around, or, if I consume something someone else cannot. This all stems from poverty consciousness which is based upon a premise of a finite universe.

g. The Universe was created by the Big Bang: A working hypothesis that enables us to learn more, nevertheless, not true. The Universe is much older, as is Earth, than astrophysicists estimate. When you view the visible Universe as consciousness then you view it differently. Dark Energy is unfulfilled potential and not some force of repulsion.

h. The Earth is a rock to be exploited: The Earth is actually alive because it’s inhabited by a benign being that is on its own spiritual journey. Humanity works in symbiosis with this being. There are ‘dead planets’ in the Universe, these are planets that the inhabiting being has left.

i. The Sun is finite: our Sun is a collection of Souls.

j. The Sacred Sites were built by aliens: Myth.

k. Humanity will be invaded by aliens: False. It is true that the Greys did come to Earth [research Area 51] but they were out of their sector and violated many principles to come here. They came because their civilization was dying and they’d hoped to get some information from humanity. It is true that ‘aliens’ can come to observe but they don’t come in space ships. They are benign and not harmful and they take human form. They come for short periods, only observe, and don’t interfere.

l. If I can’t see it it doesn’t exist: Patently false.

m. Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu didn’t exist: I suggest false. They did exist but we’ve looked for them in the wrong places. Atlantis, for example, was never located in the Atlantic Ocean, nor in the Mediterranean. Sorry.

n. Humankind has achieved an apex in science in the 20 th century: False. Humankind was much more sophisticated in the past when we had a closer relationship to God.

o. We don’t reincarnate: False.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

p. Humanity will destroy itself by engaging in world war III: False. Humanity will never engage in another world war. In fact, war on Earth is coming to an end.

q. There are parallel Universes: False. There are currently 107 dimensions in the Universe. When people can’t explain something they may feel they’ve slipped in to some parallel universe but in fact they’re simply accessing a different dimension of the one universe.

r. Heaven: Heaven is the sixth dimension. The fifth dimension is the Gates of Heaven. The goal is to bring these dimensions through your black hole and to Earth. Heaven is not a place you go, it is an awareness you achieve. The 4 th dimension is almost completely dissolved and did contain illusions and unfinished projects and the energy which enabled people to return to Earth time and again.

s. Ayahuasca is a spiritual experience: False. Ayahuasca is extremely toxic. The toxicity is so strong that the body will endeavor to surround the toxins in a glue like substance and sequester them in the body so as not to allow them to stay in the blood stream. Ayahuasca does enable a person to access aspects of the 4 th dimension which, to some, can feel soft and inviting, but this triggers the subconscious mind which is full of false information and misconceptions so what the person experiences in the 4 th dimension is illusion. It is not the first step in a spiritual journey because it causes damage to the brain. The damage so caused restricts rising in vibration which is fundamental to your spiritual journey.

t. Soft drugs and alcohol are ‘okay’: false. These are choices and experiences you can choose to have but they damage the frontal lobes. For those seeking a respite from the internal pain they suffer I suggest working on Changing your beliefs and saying out loud “no pain” which generates endorphins and reduces, and can eliminate, pain, and, its free.

u. We can’t feed all the people on this planet: Again this comes from a misunderstanding that you don’t [for some unknown reason] have access to the Universal law of Creation. This misconception leads to all sorts of fertilization and genetic modification of plants. These are all misconceived. It’s nonsense to think that man can improve on nature. Where man has introduced new animals and plants we’ve destroyed the balance of the ecosystem and it doesn’t matter whether I’m talking introduction of rabbits in Australia, or Eucalyptus trees in Peru, or genetically modified corn. All misconceptions. The Earth is capable of feeding everyone who is here and more when you consider your Four Gifts. Nutrition from organic food grown locally is fundamental to the solution.

v. Global warming is caused by humanity: Myth created by some to control others. The science is falsified and, for the most part, written by politicians. The temperature has been rising on Mars as well. There’s a divine plan so the warming trend [have to look at 10,000 year cycles] was melting glaciers that were releasing fresh water to the Earth because germination on the planet had sped up 300%. The Earth actually creates fresh water internally in her crust.

w. We’re running out of oil: The Earth creates oil and natural gas as lubricants. They do not come from ancient plants subjected to pressure and temperature.

x. Cancer is going to destroy us: Cancer has to do with a person falling in vibration. Fear and fear based beliefs cause people to fall in vibration. The Universal law of Attention states that what you put attention on you will get more of. Well, cancer has the greatest advertising program on the planet. There have been powerful interests who wish to promote cancer and other disease for profits. Thankfully awareness is rising to bring this to an end. There have been many cures for cancer suppressed particularly by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. No disease exists on Earth that there is not a free herbal remedy for. Incidentally, cancer is an emotional disease, not a defect of the physical.

y. We are endangering the planet: Again, this is fear based thinking. The planet is inhabited by a benign being that is rising in vibration. Whose energy field do you believe is bigger, yours or Gaia’s? The planet will look after herself, however, this does not mean we condone destroying our Earth. Cutting down the jungles is misguided at best. Everyone knows that the jungles of the world are highly creative eco systems and produce much of the oxygen that our physical thrives upon.

z. Soy protein is a nutritious substitute for other forms of protein: I recommend avoiding soy as it mimics hormones your body produces. It’s true that we require protein. I suggest egg white powder as a superior source.

aa. Fluorescent lights and LED’s are positive energy saving lighting: when you realize that you’re made of light then the question arises as to what light is good for you, your body and your life. The answer is sunlight. The further lighting moves away from sunlight – and yes you can buy lights which approximate sunlight, full spectrum bulbs – the more damaging to the human. Fluorescent bulbs are discontinuous light and are very harmful to the neurology and LEDs [there are many kinds] are very imbalanced, either to excessive anti‐matter elements or excessive matter ele