Cosmic You – Think big – Live Big

Pure Leadership is about assisting you to Be Joyful and Be Free and, with freedom, comes the ability to think big and live big.

Let’s take a moment and get our minds around ‘thinking big’. In business I always sought to build companies that were dedicating themselves to “revolutionizing” how something was done. In the case of AccuMap EnerData we did succeed in revolutionizing the oil & gas business in Canada. At the time I would have thought, and did think, that I was thinking “big”, however, the example I want to share with you will show you just how ‘big’ big can be.

Again, I exhort the reader to remember that ‘big’ is really who you already are when you remember who you are.

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

The essence of Pure Leadership is to show you how to become ‘big’ and ‘live big’ without giving up your life. The backdrop for all of this is that you’re a Cosmic Being. That’s right, your physical is actually made of cosmic dust. So when you reflect upon that, it’ll shift what ‘thinking big’ can mean.

At Pure Leadership we’ve dedicated several years of research to determining, for example, the relationship between various constellations and your endocrine system, your chakras and your acupuncture system. All of this information is revealed in the new Cosmic You Book Series. Some of what I’ll touch upon in this fascinating book series is the Sacred Sites.

Thinking Big and the Sacred Sites

So on Earth we have the most amazing living example of what can be achieved by people ‘thinking big’. The example is right under our noses but has been explained away by a long series of misconceptions. The example I’m talking about is, of course, the Sacred Sites of the world.

Sacred Sites would include, for example, the pyramids of Egypt. These amazing structures defy the logical mind to explain how they could be built. The interior stones are so large, and so precisely cut and placed, that this placement couldn’t be done by our highly technical builders of today. We really couldn’t build these structures today. Some people have attempted to show that we could build a small pyramid but when you realize that the exterior stones of the original, roughly four tons each, would have to have been placed at the rate of one every three minutes it gives you a different context. Your context shifts further when you realize that the Great Pyramid has specific relationships with the size of the Earth. This still doesn’t address the real heart of the matter though.

When most people look at a Sacred Site they feel it necessary to create a hypothesis by which it could be built. In looking at the Nazca lines in Southern Peru, for example, people have pointed out that with a rake or your hands and a brush you can remove the surface rocks to make a line. That may be true but I suggest this misses the point by a wide margin because none of that tells you where to draw the line.

The Nazca lines are a good example because they’re actually a sophisticated circuitry designed to shift the energy from a foreseen desertification of the region. Where do you position a line to do that? How many lines? What shapes? What interactions?

Applying the most pertinent question, “what does this Site achieve?” which, I suggest, is the most relevant of all questions, leads to a very deep inquiry. If applied to the Pyramids of Egypt, one has to answer the question of why were they located where they were? What was their purpose? What was their relationship to other sites?

I always express my gratitude to Robert Bauval for his research and articulation of his belief that the three pyramids on the Giza plateau match the stars of the belt of Orion. Thank you Robert. This insight is brilliant because, if true, and I suggest it is, then these Sacred structures linked sky and Earth, or, Cosmos and Earth. Why would anyone do that?

In short, they’d do that because we’re Cosmic in nature and the Universe, the Cosmos, actually contains wisdom.

In point of fact the Pyramids of Egypt can only be understood by knowing that they were designed to tap into the energy, the wisdom, of the Constellation Orion. Of course, in point of fact they tap in to a great deal more, but that’s a story for the Cosmic You book series.

Earth and Cosmos Relationship

Now it’s true that there’s a branch of knowledge called Astrology. Scientists have worked hard to relegate Astrology to the dustbin of ‘fate’ and ‘fiction’. I share some of the obvious concerns about Astrology because sometimes the people expounding it will treat it as explaining the future and relegating us to an outcome of ‘fate’ created by the machinations of these star systems. Sometimes they attempt to explain an entire life solely by a person’s birth sign.

I’m sure you can see that this flies in the face of Be Free  and Your Four Gifts.

Let’s address this somewhat differently. The creative forces, the energy, of the Universe can be reduced to sound and light. Thought is a sound. Well if two people have the same identical thought, scientifically, we’d say that that increases the amplitude of that thought. This is measurable.

Well, what if five people have nearly identical thoughts? The amplitude of the original wave increases but also it morphs to become a new wave to reflect the new thought.

Well the scientists of NASA have shown us, and even provided us with, the sounds made by the planets. If during their orbit two or more planets align then their sounds will combine and change in amplitude and frequencies. If the planets contain information how would that be any different than our example of ‘thought’ as expounded above? It wouldn’t be. However, that does require you to accept that the magnificence of the Universe isn’t just a bunch of hurtling rock and expanding gases. You’d have to realize that what we call rocks and gases is in fact consciousness evolving, God’s consciousness.

Now these issues have been considered by brilliant folks who’ve gone before us.

Rocks and Rhythms

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

Pythagoras talked in terms of the music of the spheres, and Kepler even showed us the musical ratios contained in the orbits of planets. These gentlemen were interested in these things because they were doing a thorough investigation of the rhythms of the Universe. Today, science has become focused, and fragmented, to the point where one branch of science doesn’t take note of another branch. I suggest that a holistic view of all science shows clearly that Pythagoras and Kepler were on the right path.

There are rhythms to the Universe. The Pharaohs of Egypt had methods to utilize those rhythms. In fairness, astrologers are simply attempting to find those rhythms and explain them, often within the context of an individual. There was a time that astrology was a very serious science used by sophisticated leaders to predict outcomes, when to wage battles, and so on.

In fact the Presidents of the United States track the stars in making decisions, as does the Queen of England, as did Hitler … therefore, be careful of what you discard without a full understanding of it …

Returning to Kepler and Pythagoras, let’s discuss a branch of science referred to as chronobiology. Chronobiology is a scientific approach to understanding cycles. This science has shown, for example, that much experimentation conducted to discern ‘truth’ conducted by scientists, in fact pretty much all experimentation, has ignored simple information such as the time of day of the experiment, the state of the observer [remember Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty], the month of the experiment, the time of the year, and much much more. Why would this be important?

If the Universe does have cycles and rhythm, and if the Earth is part of a unified Cosmos, then these cycles and rhythms must affect outcomes.

Indeed researchers of chronobiology have shown us the importance of rhythms. A common rhythm is called the ‘day’. They’ve shown that experiments performed with rats to prove that a pharmaceutical treatment is not toxic can give specious results. You see, the experiments are conducted with rats during the daylight hours. After these tests it may be concluded that a drug is non‐toxic. Those same experiments conducted during the night time hours show the same drug is toxic. Rats, you see, are nocturnal, meaning they’re active during the night. We humans who are going to be treated with the drug are diurnal, active during the day. Therefore some drugs “scientifically proven” and declared to be non‐toxic, are, in fact, toxic.

A little information can be incomplete.

So what did the builders of Sacred Sites have to know?

The builders of these sites were sophisticated builders but they’d also have to be very sophisticated at understanding the rhythms of the Cosmos. They’d have to understand daily cycles and annual cycles but they’d also have to understand precession, the movement of our Earth through space over approximately a 26,000 year cycle. They’d have to be Cosmic beings using their minds to conduct precise measurements of space and time, they’d actually have to know what they know without knowing how they know it.

Today all of this information of the precision of these sites, although known, is discounted, or unfortunately, ignored.

We’re told why these Sacred Structures couldn’t have been sophisticated because the builders couldn’t be as advanced as us and therefore they couldn’t do the precise measurements that they actually did. We attempt to explain the Pyramids away as being tombs and their builders as some sort of crude ancestor of man. All of this presumes that humanity today, or these past 100 years, represents some sort of apex in critical thinking.

None of this stands scrutiny when we look at the past 100 years of warfare and abuse and ‘power over dynamics’ in business, families, relationships, the education system, government etc.

Tremendous wisdom is available to us with a shift in our awareness to acknowledging that these Sacred structures are structures that we couldn’t build today. This opens us up to the wonder of Thinking Big and exploring the unknown unbridled by pre‐conceived notions.

The Sacred Sites in Context

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

Egypt, of course, is on the Mediterranean, an area that is replete with Sacred Sites including those on the islands of Malta, those in Turkey, recently discovered sites in Italy, and the well known structures that stretched the length of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in modern day Iraq, however, there are also sites that stretch through the deserts of Libya and in to Morocco. Therefore, in this part of the world, if a great number of these sites “work together”, then we’re talking about a system of Sacred Sites.

I would suggest to you that the same statement can safely be made in regards not just to the Sacred Site of Machu Picchu in Peru, but to the tens of thousands of Sacred Sites in Peru. As difficult as our historians will find this statement, I suggest these sites were NOT built by the Incas.

Similar startling statements can be made of the Sacred Sites in Central America and the Caribbean Sea, again, these systems are not Sacred Sites but a System of Sacred Sites. This comment would also have to be expanded to include the tens of thousands of Sacred Sites in China.

So now we’re talking about a worldwide system of Sacred Sites which I hope to prove were built much earlier than thought and that are all connected, as a system, with the Cosmos. Some 46,000 of them interlaced with ‘connecting sites’ measuring in the hundreds of thousands.

Now that’s Thinking Big

So I believe it’d be easy to see that our forefathers were doing some very big thinking in conceiving of such a massive undertaking, the building of a worldwide sophisticated network system of Sacred Sites. Why?

Well let’s leave that and the core crystals of the Earth to the Cosmic You Series, shall we?

I will tell you though that one of the purposes of this massive undertaking of people that were ‘thinking big’ was to build a system of Sacred Sites that would save planet Earth.

You’ve read that correctly. The largest joint undertaking of humanity ever conducted on planet Earth was the building of a system of Sacred Sites to save the planet. Now that’s big, but, it’s also instructive of what humanity cooperating together can accomplish. You see, this system, in its original form, and it did undergo changes down through time, was not built over thousands of years but over hundreds.

Now that is thinking big. Can you imagine? It’s implementing a plan to save a planet!

Today we’re excited about building a building that might last some hundreds of years whereas our forefathers were building a worldwide system that would last for thousands of years.

These sacred sites are examples of what people who are awake are capable of doing. These amazing Sacred Sites were not built by aliens as some people like to claim. They were built by our forefathers who were awake, who were Homoluminous. How did this come to pass?

The result of humanity falling in vibration and awareness is reflected in our history. Humanity fell from realizing they were an eternal being occupying a physical body to believing they were a finite physical form. Some who were able to retain some of the knowledge of who we really are used it, or abused it, to become powerful and to hold that power over people. This is reflected in the history of the governance of the Monarchy which was morphed, behind the scenes, to become a world that is not at all what it appears. All that will change significantly, probably in 2014‐15. See Who’s in Control of the Powerful You and Why That’s Changing.

From this introduction I’m sure you can tell that I’d suggest that the Sacred Sites of this world are far older than our historians would want to admit. I’d suggest they were not built as tombs and they were not built to be lived in. Similarly, I’m certain that you can discern that humanity must be older than the 60,000 years posited by many archaeologists.

I’d suggest that to better understand your capabilities and who you really are it’s necessary to study the Sacred Sites.

There’s a bigger plan – Be Cosmic

There is a point to be made here, that can add emphasis to a point

You see there’s an even bigger plan that the Adepts designing the sites were looking to achieve, which is the purpose for me writing the book series Cosmic You.

The takeaway for you is that you are Cosmic in nature. This means that the rhythms of the Universe are important because you’re part of the Universe, you’re cosmic. This means that your thoughts actually can affect the evolution of the Cosmos and, similarly, the evolution of the Cosmos can affect you. You see, in the section on Be Free I outlined Collective Consciousness . What you desire to remember is that Collective Consciousness embraces all thought within the Universe, humanity simply constitutes a ‘pod’ of Collective Consciousness within a greater Collective Consciousness.

Because the Universe contains wisdom it means that by you moving in to the greater mind, the holographic mind of all [see Lift the Veils to Reality], you can access that wisdom. It’s available for all that can resonate with it. It contains the wisdom of who you are and who we are, how you’re created in the physical and how to Ascend, how to become an Adept and an Ascended Master and become one with the Cosmos, the all of the all.

Studying the Cosmos and its rhythms enables you to learn how to use the rhythms to achieve your outcomes, to live in harmony with all of creation and to experience all of God’s creation which is constantly changing and expanding.

The higher you rise in vibration and awareness the greater impact you can have on Collective Consciousness and the Cosmos. The bigger your life, the bigger your Joy. To accomplish this you have to learn to Be Joyful and Be Free.

So use your free will to choose the greatest aspects of God that you wish to express in your life and express it in a big way by harnessing your gift to control the molecules of the Universe and name your world accordingly and, if done properly, you’ll receive it. The greatness you wish to express can change as many times as you like as you continue to explore the Infinite Possibilities of the infinite creative field.

The ultimate expressions that can be yours would be that of the Adept, or beyond that, the Ascended Master. This is not a foot‐race, I only bring it to your attention so that you know just how big ‘big’ can be.

The natural state of humanity is that of the Homo‐luminous, the state of Adept.

This introduction is but a brief snippet of what the Cosmic You book series is designed to illuminate.