I want to change my life [reality] to that of a joyous life thriving with vibrant health and abundance in my loving relationships with all people, including and most importantly, with myself, …

Knowing that I AM so powerful that by making positive changes in myself I positively impact and change my family, my friends, my business colleagues, my community, society and all of the world … out into the Universe beyond Earth, and

From the realization that I AM a Cosmic being co‐creating my life with God, with the free will to choose to be ‘all that I can be’ which is to be One with God and all that God has created in unconditional love and to express those unique aspects of God that give me the greatest enjoyment, which aspects I’ve chosen from the infinite possibilities that an infinite God provides in an infinite Universe, knowing that I can change my choice as many times as I wish … and

Knowing that I am always safe in making my choices because I AM always within God and my role of co‐creation is always fully guided by those aspects of consciousness that I chose before this lifetime to guide me in achieving my contract for this lifetime and, that I can always clearly hear my guidance when I:

• Stop talking,
• Become still in my mind,
• Become aware of all around me in the moment, and
• Act upon the first voice that I feel the answer from or hear, and, ignore the second voice based in Ego;
• Knowing that I can set my intention when I go to bed at night to receive clarity upon all things I’m interested in while I sleep;

Realizing that as an eternal being of consciousness I was created to know all and to experience all that the Creator creates on into infinity and therefore all I experience contains a loving lesson within it, and if I don’t like what I experience, that I simply change my ‘choice’ because I AM of free will and control all of the molecules of my personal universe and only I get to name my world, and, I have the right to receive everything I choose to experience.

Team members:

Jim Malcolm:

When people want to know about the background of James Malcolm and what qualifies him to write his wide ranging books, James is always quick to point out that he has no special qualifications. It is very important for the reader to understand this statement because it means the books are written by someone who has the same qualifications as themselves.

What enabled James to write the books was his dedication to using the exercises in the books to be able to attain the vibration described in the books, the vibration which moves you past the cognitive mind state and survival mind, into the higher mind state. From the higher mind state one activates their personal holographic mind which enables them to access all of the information of the universe. The goal of the books is to assist all readers to achieve this same state.

It must be said though. One must dedicate themselves to achieving the outcomes the author has achieved. People who want to simply read the books, or any books for that matter, and believe that they will change, well they’re apt to be disappointed. There’s no participation with the infinits source of all things through simply reading, reflecting or believing. It takes action, it takes questioning, it takes participating in your life.

All of the information of the universe orders itself by resonance and is held in matter and anti‐matter. All information is always available for the dedicated student to access. James would be the first to acknowledge that the information in his books is not his, it’s the information of the universe. When one acknowledges the many forms of intelligence in the universe, then through study and meditation, one is able to access and be assisted by these intelligences.

James considers himself to be reasonably well read and honors all of the people mentioned in his books and their bibliographies. These are the shoulders upon which James stands. It is fair to say that although the current four books have been written in a short period of time, it has been long hours of many years of dedicating his life to ‘being all that he can be’ that has enabled him to access the information and understanding of just what that means.

From the perspective of some who might want to believe that good information and the embracing of life comes from a ‘good education’, they will be disappointed. As James points out in his books it took him more than forty years to undo the damage of his education. It took him succeeding in business to escape the low vibration of the financial system to see it for what it is. James’ formal university education is in economics and law. Having excelled in the practice of law he became a Merchant Banker before building a software business that revolutionized the Canadian Oil Industry. In that business and through his sponsoring of a physicist, and sitting as an advisor to an alternative research center in medicine, James has assured himself of ample exposure to mainstream scientific thinking.

Nevertheless, James delivers the repeated message. “I am the same as the reader, everything I’ve achieved financially, health wise and intellectually is available to every reader. They simply must take what resonates with them as truth from these books and use it. I guarantee they will change their lives in dramatic ways.“

Kandis Twa:

As a dedicated researcher and explorer. I offer you information about what has been my life. My individual expression of Pure Leadership if you will. It is how I have integrated the information that we share with you. It is a reminder that the past serves a purpose. As I look back at my adventures, tribulations and triumphs I’ve endeavored to get the good out of my past experiences. I call this” getting the gold out”. So, what I am offering to you is what my gold has been. I can’t promise that it has always been graceful or clear, but it is my journey and I am grateful for all that it has been. I continue to learn and to do the best that I can and it is my hope that sharing my gold will assist you to find your own.